VCE Drama and Theatre Studies 2019 High Scorers Analysis

High scoring results of 40 and above have today been published for both Drama and Theatre Studies in the Victorian Certificate of Education.

This year, 81* students achieved a score of 40 or above in Drama (compared to 85 students in 2018), with Theatre Studies awarding a similar number of 78 students a score of 40 or more (compared to 79 students in 2018). Students with a score of 40 or above out of a possible 50 represent the top 9% in the study.

Drama awarded just one student from Melbourne Grammar School a top score of 50 (compared to three students in 2018).


Theatre Studies awarded two students the highest score of 50 (same number as 2018). Props go to Strathcona Baptist Girls Grammar, an independent school in Canterbury, who raked in both 50s, one of the two 49s, two 45s, a 44, a 43, a 42, and a 40 – an extraordinary result from the one class of students.

Students from independent schools dominated the 45+ range for both Drama and Theatre Studies.

VCE Honour Roll 2019 Searchable Database

* According to The Age newspaper, about 10% of students opt out of having their name published in the 40+ honour roll.

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