VCE Drama and Theatre Studies High Scorers 2016

Results have just been published for the highest scoring students this year in the sister subjects of Drama and Theatre Studies for the final year of schooling in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).

All VCE subjects are scored out of a total of 50 marks. A student’s study score represents their relative position compared to all other students who undertook the study. The median study score for all subjects is 30. Study scores of 40 or above represent the top 9% of all scores in a particular subject. 40+ study scores are published online and in newspapers.

Below are links to the list of studies, schools and student names for scores of 40 or above for 2016. VCE Drama Units 3 and 4 has a higher student enrolment than VCE Theatre Studies Units 3 and 4, so as usual three students in Drama received a perfect study score of 50, while two students received a 50 for Theatre Studies. Note one student with a score of 50 in Drama did not consent to the publication of their results.

The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’s (VCAA) PDF is very useful, as it is the only guide that notes particular study scores within subjects where one or more students withheld their score from being published.

The Age newspaper’s online interactive is searchable for 40+ results by school or student name. Frustratingly, unlike previous years, you cannot search by study/subject.

The Herald Sun newspaper also has a PDF of all 40+ results in each VCE study.

Congratulations to all VCE Drama and Theatre Studies teachers who had students in their classes achieve a score of 40 or above this year.

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