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anonymous man
4 years ago

I hate drama, i used to love it. I’ve been very upset lately and I find it hard to separate those feelings when entering my drama class. Not sure if I should continue into year 12

6 years ago

Hey Justin,

Are there any resources other than the drama sample performance examination that go into detail about the criteria of the drama solos?

7 years ago


Just wondering when the prescribed structures will be coming out in 2017?


Reply to  Justin Cash
6 years ago

Thank-you so much for letting us know Justin

Reply to  Justin Cash
6 years ago

What are your opinions on the solos this year? 🙂

7 years ago

Thanks for your detailed response Justin. I wondered whether I have expected too much of my students for a task that only constitutes about 5% of the SAC marks. However the performance descriptors do suggest I think, that it needs to be fairly rigorous and I have often used abbreviated versions of past solo structures – my kids often get quite stressed by it because they just want to get on with the one that counts the most! I am leaning towards a simpler structure for this year and your advice has helped.

Mandy Calderwood
7 years ago

Hi Justin
I would be interested to know how you manage the mini-solo task, how much time you give your kids and how detailed a criteria you give them.
Thanks for your post- helpful as always

8 years ago

What a timely post! I’m starting solo’s with my Year 10s next week (don’t see them in S2 this year) and was just this minute trying to figure out the best way to scaffold it for them. Thanks!