VCE Top Scorers 2014

Local readers of The Drama Teacher may be interested in knowing how their class fared against other schools in either VCE Drama or VCE Theatre Studies. High achievers in all subjects are considered those students who receive a study score of 40+ out of 50.

Consistent with other years, three students in Victoria received a perfect study score of 50 for VCE Drama, while two students received a 50 for VCE Theatre Studies, which has a lower enrolment than Drama.

Congratulations to all those teachers who had students in their class achieving scores of 40+ in Drama and/or Theatre Studies. I hope everyone was happy with their students’ results in these subjects. Congratulations also to anyone who had students receive a Top Class Drama or Top Class Theatre Studies audition invitation.

Here is the online database of 40+ VCE study scores for 2014, searchable by school, subject or student surname.

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