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Greg Govinda B.Ed
15 years ago

Someone who is receptive, grounded, able to listen and respond from their heart. To be a vehicle for the ‘higher’ learning to come through, as appropriately as possible, in the best interests of the student. Qualities of the teacher might also include an interest in continual learning, both outer as well as inner investigation. A good teacher would have surrendered to living a life of service and, to the best of their ability, be receptive to any occasion where learning may be sought and teaching given. I always thought that the foundation for a good teacher would include being a good student, so that the process of teaching would be one that respects the gifts being offered by all involved. A good teacher might carry within them an awe and wonder of life itself, and assist others in being open to the very heart of things within them as well.

16 years ago

The big X factor in teaching: personality.

I think there is a human element in teaching that cannot be reduced to acronyms. Some kids dig ya, others don’t. And since most Drama teachers have BIG personalities, clashes are often unavoidable. It’s not a very academic response, I know, but it has always fascinated me.