White Christmas Topples Wicked on Broadway

Last week was very significant on Broadway for just one reason.

Ever since the mega-musical Wicked opened at Broadway’s Gershwin Theatre on Halloween in October 2003, it has been the highest grossing show in New York City. Nope, that’s not a typo. Every week for a little over five years, Wicked has brought in the dollars on a very large scale. Costing over $800,000 a week to run, last week Wicked grossed $1.43 million at the box office.

But last week also saw the musical Irving Berlin’s White Christmas gross $1.49 million, making it the biggest musical in town and the first to topple Wicked’s almighty crown. For half a decade Wicked has been untouchable in terms of Broadway grosses and even when it was grossing $1.2 and $1.3 million a week, nothing came close, with The Lion King and later Jersey Boys being its only real competitors during most of its stay on top.

But now White Christmas will hold a little piece of Broadway history and may well be remembered in years to come as the show that toppled Wicked on Broadway.

Edit: Albeit a brief two-week stay in the limelight, figures for 29/12 have just been released, seeing Wicked surge ahead of White Christmas’ box office grosses. In the midst of news about economic gloom and closing shows on Broadway, Wicked just topped the $1.8 million mark in the past week, the show’s highest-ever figures on Broadway.

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  1. admin says:

    Michael … three words .. jealous, jealous, jealous! Hope you’re having a great time. When you get to NY, I can highly recommend August: Osage County at the Music Box, although it is coming to Melbourne in ’09 too, courtesy of the Melbourne Theatre Company, but still worth seeing the Broadway production. One of the best plays I have ever seen. If you do, be warned, it is nearly as long as Hamlet uncut at 3 and a half hours long! Spring Awakening is also awesome (if you didn’t see it on your last visit) showing at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in NY. Teenage themes aplenty, but a riveting score .. Rent for the younger generation … a must see. Great to have an Aussie comment here from overseas. Let us all know what else you see on your travels. Enjoy! … Justin

  2. micoke says:

    I am currently sitting writing this in San Fran where currently running is Grease and Wicked. Next week I will be in NYC and will be trying to pack in as many shows as possible. I did have Avenue Q on my list but as it is coming to Melbourne I will need to think hard. My wife wants to see Mary Poppins which took over from Beauty and the Beast at the New Amsterdam Theatre. Hope all is well back in Aus.

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