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9 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful reminders. I love teaching drama. I have taught drama for years and then the head put me into other subjects and I realized how much the children need the escapism, the creative release. I love it because I felt that wonderful freedom of expression myself. Thank you

Bunch Sekhobo
9 years ago

Thank you Justin.

Your contribution to the well being of drama teachers (both as psychologists and theatre practitioners) and universalizing our work as a common task.


Carina Oelofse
9 years ago

Amazing how this incredible subject can bring people together. Your concerns and your reasons why you love teaching Drama, mirror mine. Thanks for that! I’m putting it up on the wall to be reminded frequently when I hit the rough patches.

9 years ago

I think it’s always valuable to reflect on what we love and struggle with in teaching. I’m just about to go out on my ATP, and although I am *rather* apprehensive, I’m just trying to focus on how great I felt when in the classroom and seeing kids have a great time.

9 years ago

Justin—What are the rough patches you’ve hit? The points where you might feel like “throwing in the towel”? It would be so helpful for me to hear what you (and other drama teachers) experience that’s difficult-challenging in addition to the many wonderful-challenging aspects of the job (and thank you for posting that list!).