Wicked Smashes Box Office Record

Wicked has recently become the first musical in Broadway history to gross $2 million in one week at the box office.

In the week ending 29 November 2009, Wicked grossed $2,086,135, in the process setting a record for Broadway and the Gershwin Theatre.

However, to be fair, the Broadway League did change the way it

accounts for figures back in June this year. Traditional grosss figures for Broadway shows were in fact net grosses, with credit card fees, group sales commissions and other fees deducted. No longer the case, show grosses are a little larger now than in the past.

Nevertheless, it seems Wicked may have topped the $2 million mark some time soon, anyway.

Another point of note is that Wicked’s gross figure for the previous week (22 November) was only $1,430,006. The average ticket price for the show also jumped from $107.17 to $144.15 in just one week.

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