Wikipedia: Redefining Student Research

When it comes to researching a person, topic or event for a drama solo or ensemble performance, I’m a big believer in solid preparation and student research before scripting, scene creation or rehearsals begin. Perhaps this comes from having an older brother who is a damn good public historian who never publishes a word until he double checks, then triple checks his research is thorough and accurate.

Here’s an interesting infographic by Jen Rhee, via, the Free Internet Encyclopedia, about the current state of Wikipedia and how it is changing the way our students think, behave and research.

If you think you knew it all about Wikipedia, its influence is constantly evolving … so think again. If you love it yourself, but loathe your students using Wikipedia for researching work YOU set them … time to wake up because Wikipedia is more popular than ever. Current Alexa ranking: 6th most popular website in the world.

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