WordPress Guide To Blogging in Drama

Just thought I’d post a comprehensive guide to blogging for Drama and Theatre teachers and students, using the popular WordPress platform. I distributed this guide to a small group of people as part of a presentation I gave at the Drama Australia Conference in November 2009, but posting it here on The Drama Teacher will allow more people to use it.

I highly encourage student blogging in Drama. These days, I have replaced the traditional drama journal or paper workbook in my senior Drama classes with online blogs. Under my direction, my students maintain blogs for short periods – just for the duration of a performance project. Individual blogs are kept during the development of solo and monologue performances, while small group blogs are kept during the rehearsal period of ensemble performances and plays.

The following guide covers technical aspects on how to set up a free WordPress blog on the web, suggestions for how students can use blogs in a drama or theatre program at school and tips on how to make a blog public only to those who know the web address, while keeping it blocked by search engines to protect students’ privacy. The guide is too long to post in full, so instead you can download it as a 6-page pdf below.

Any comments or feedback on the guide are welcome.

WordPress Blogging Guide For Teachers and Students

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  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Justin. I was at the Drama Australia conference last year when you presented this workshop. I have, however misplaced the document and cannot manage to open the attached PDF. Would you please be able to email me this document. Very much appreciated, Eileen

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