World Teachers Day 2010 (Australia)

Happy World Teachers’ Day … in Australia, at least.

Traditionally celebrated across the world on 5th October each year, World Teachers’ Day commemorates the signing in 1996 of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers.

But in Australia (where The Drama Teacher originates), 5th October usually falls during school vacation. Instead, Australian teachers celebrate World Teachers’ Day on the last Friday in October each year.

World Teachers’ Day in 2010 celebrates teachers acorss the world who have been directly or indirectly affected by a major crisis.

This is the day, as Drama/Theatre teachers reading this blog, we should remember those teachers of ours who inspired us in our own education. At the same time, today is a day where we should also pat ourselves on the back for the work we do in this most valuable of professions.

Every World Teachers’ Day, I always spare a moment  to recall my most influential teacher at high school. My Drama teacher at school believed in me and my ability in the performing arts. He always encouraged me in my work and pushed me to do better. While other teachers often gave up on me for being the class clown, in Drama class I found a home where I belonged, thanks to my teacher. A native of Detroit, Michigan, he was truly inspirational and sadly passed away in his forties. Often, in the middle of a Drama lesson of my own, I think of how my teaching practice today is modeled on my high school Drama teacher. As the 2010 World Teachers’ Day poster (above) says “My Teacher. My Hero”, he surely was. I will never forget him.

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