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  1. Tammy Gies says:

    Hi Justin!
    Funny thing is, I just created an assignment exactly like this for my Grade 9 Drama group.
    This is my first time teaching Drama (and I have been teaching for 20+ years) so I am kinda ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ so to speak.
    I was just wondering if you had a rubric that you used to grade your assignment?


    1. Hi Tammy, sorry we did not have a rubric for this task as it was not assessed. Hope you are having fun Drama teaching. It’s such a fun subject, but can be a little scary in the early days simply because the nature of Drama is so different to most other subjects at school. Hang in there! If your students can have fun and learn something at the same time, you’re doing fine.– Justin

  2. Mak Djukic says:

    Hi Justin,
    I love your idea about having the students create the game, and effectively teach it. I’m a pre-service teacher, and I wonder how you might incorporate a NEP (special needs) student into the process when she’s generally sitting out in most lessons?

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback! I suppose it really depends on the individual student’s learning disability (language, vision, hearing etc.) as to whether you could incorporate them successfully in the preparation and/or delivery of the student-devised drama game? I would leave this up to teacher discretion based on individual circumstances, suffice to say get the NEP student involved in part or all of this process wherever possible.