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  1. Results are always such an unknown-I think it is very difficult to get a high grade in the Theatre Studies monologues-maybe too often we get caught up in encouraging re-contextualisation rather than in its original context. It’d be great if someone put something together that outlined exactly what is required for something to be an A+. The exam report is often not specific enough.

    I disagree about the Playlist comment though-I’m in Regional Victoria and this is the first time that we won’t need to travel to Melbourne for either Unit 3 or 4, I suggest though that the touring productions don’t cover all regions.

  2. Cashy,

    I also aimed to improve written exam results and they were much better. Overall happy with my results, 3 over 40 which is always nice.

    Also congrats in fatherhood. My turn comes early Feb.

    1. 3 over 40 is great, Michael. All the best for early Feb and the baby. My colleagues in the Drama department bought me one of these:

      I Love My Drama Teacher Baby Jumpsuit. I think you need one, Michael. Cheesy, but cute, yeah?

  3. My students did exactly as predicted. However, some of their scores reflect that Drama is not a subject that you can bluff without putting in the work! Especially the solo exam, the ones that don’t put in the work and do the research are exposed! …Now onto next year!!

    P.s. . Cashy, congratulations on becoming a dad! 🙂

    1. Hey Dee,

      Couldn’t agree more. We occasionally hear stories of students hurrying the development of their solo exam right at the last minute and scoring a “B”, but they are rare. It’s almost impossible to wing it, ’cause there is so much to it and it is such a rigorous and demanding task. That’s exactly what I think is fantastic about the solo exam.

      You’ve done well if your students did as predicted, especially in the solo, which still happens to be a bit mysterious for many.

      Thanks for the fatherhood congrats. Just as the cliche says, being a father has certainly changed my life. I’m out smelling the roses again for the first time in years. Lovin’ it!

  4. I’ve learnt I know nothing!!! 6 students 5 – close to the mark in what I thought but effected by average written exam marks. 1 solo that received a mark that amazed me (positively) but I have no words!!!!
    I also thing I don’t get the written exam so that will be my focus in the new year.

    Also with the release of playlist I once again will state my case that the disadvantages for those in rural Vic are massive and it impacts!! 🙁 It shall once again fall on deaf ears I am sure.

    1. Jade,

      I hear ya! I wasn’t that wrapt with my 2009 written exam grades in Drama, so I set myself a goal to do well in that area in 2010 and it all came together nicely in the end. I find using data your school has available to it (see Head of Curriculum, or similar at the start of the new school year) helps enormously in an attempt to improve certain areas. From memory, the data I have accessed shows raw data on how your previous year’s students scored on each question for the written exam. You can also get the same for how they scored on each criterion for the solo exam.

      And yes, I agree, the mark awarded for the Drama written exam can noticeably affect the overall study score, for good or for bad. I tell my students to ignore its 25% weighting and treat it with respect.

      Drama Vic runs a session on the written exam in Drama if you can get down for it next year. I happened to run this year’s session. It’s worth it, even if I say so myself.