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  1. not sure where to post this. We need help from drama teachers and students to try a little app that we have developed on android phones. It is called ‘lineplease’ it is free and it was developed to help my daughter who is dyslexic learn her lines. We want as many people to try it and give us feedback on how to improve it to make it better so when we launch it on the iphone market it will be gettting better. We are keeping it free so that as many kids as possible will be able to use it. To help just go to the android market and put in ‘lineplease’ and give it a try. If you like it please tell a couple of people and help us spread the word! Thanks all.

  2. ok so after another 4 hour rehearsal… it hit us… ITS ONLY 5 DAYS!!!
    Peaking much? nah…

    its so soon!!!
    hope some can come along to watch…
    peace out!