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9 years ago

Hi Justin,

These articles are amazingly helpful, as I’m a first year out teacher with a small class of Year 12’s. They’re super keen and I just want to help them produce the best work possible. Thank you so much for all your detailed explanations, handy links & great ideas!

Ash 🙂

10 years ago

Hello ! I just have to say how amazingly helpful this site has been to me!! But now it’s time for me to do my Solo and I have decided to do Mr Moon. Only problem is that I’m having hard time creating exaggerated movement (which is required) Can you help me, do you have any links that might provide some information 🙂
Thank you and keep up the good work!!

10 years ago

Hi Justin,

Just reading through some of the old posts about the Solo Exam as I am preparing my twelves at the moment. Wanting to start a discussion about how strictly to follow the ‘recreates’ (the terminology also says ‘reenacts’) a scene… if the stimulus is a film text. Specifically looking at Fawlty Towers and The Sapphires here. What creative license do they have here or are they looking for a very strict reenactment?

11 years ago

As I teach in the US the only contact I’ve had with the VCE Drama is through this site. I found the concept intriguing as there is no comparison to this type of drama assessment in the US. One thing I like about this assessment is that it give a sense of importance to Drama that the US seems to ignore. The new Common Core standards and assessment only includes English and Math, with other subjects and organizations left to adapt a and create standards from these mandated ones. Do you think a task like this would work well adapted to just the classroom?