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Erwin Piscator Biography

Erwin Piscator was born Erwin Friedrich Maximillian Piscator on 17 December 1893 in the German state of Prussia. Like Brecht, Piscator studied at Munich University. He began acting for the theatre in 1914, but was soon drafted to the front line during World War I.  After the war, Piscator staged...


Bertolt Brecht’s Epic Theory

Verfremdung “Verfremdung”, pronounced “fair-frem-doong”, is a German word used by Bertolt Brecht that lies at the very heart of his theories on epic theatre. In practice he called it “verfremdungseffekt”. The term has variously been translated as “alienation effect”, “distancing effect” and “estrangement effect”. For decades, “alienation effect” was the...


Public Domain Plays Explained

Drama and theatre teachers often find the confusing nature of copyright expiration a minefield to deal with. Under what circumstances can I copy the entire script of a well-known play for my students without breaching copyright? If I found the script on the Internet, does that automatically mean it is...