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  1. Roz Manly says:

    Hi Justin,
    Just about to teach Melodrama to Year 9 students and once again your wonderful research information is a great source. Thank you for collating this information and making it available to all.
    Roz Manly

    1. Roz, thanks for your kind feedback! You have inspired me to update the Melodrama page with additional information. Enjoy! – Justin

  2. Who developed melodrama?

  3. Hi, I’m doing an IB research presentation on Victorian Melodrama and I’m wondering if you could give me sources where I can learn more about codified gestures that were used? Or any physical performance conventions? Thanks.

    1. Doing the same project, could you send that my way lmao

    2. Jayden Vann says:

      Hi, I am also an IB student researching this topic, and if you could help direct me to some sources as well that would be great!

      1. Talia Yett says:

        Same here, IB research presentation, would love some help finding resources!