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Roz Manly
8 months ago

Hi Justin,
Just about to teach Melodrama to Year 9 students and once again your wonderful research information is a great source. Thank you for collating this information and making it available to all.
Roz Manly

5 years ago

Who developed melodrama?

6 years ago

What is melodrama

7 years ago

Hi, I’m doing an IB research presentation on Victorian Melodrama and I’m wondering if you could give me sources where I can learn more about codified gestures that were used? Or any physical performance conventions? Thanks.

Reply to  Bethany
4 years ago

Doing the same project, could you send that my way lmao

Jayden Vann
Reply to  Bethany
4 years ago

Hi, I am also an IB student researching this topic, and if you could help direct me to some sources as well that would be great!

Talia Yett
Reply to  Jayden Vann
3 years ago

Same here, IB research presentation, would love some help finding resources!