20 Reasons Why I Love Teaching Drama

  1. It is my passion
  2. I like the energy it provides
  3. I love seeing the smiles on my students’ faces
  4. There is never a dull moment in my day
  5. I can be a big kid in the classroom (and get away with it)
  6. It is rewarding in so many ways
  7. I love seeing shy students gain confidence
  8. It is challenging – there is never a ‘right’ answer to our problem-solving
  9. There are no desks in neat little rows
  10. My dad jokes are always welcome (… mostly)
  11. It breaks down some of the traditional teacher-student barriers
  12. It keeps me in touch with my emotions
  13. Positivity is everywhere you look
  14. It brings happiness to myself and my students
  15. Students deeply respect the art form
  16. It fosters imagination and creativity
  17. The innocence in childhood ‘play’ is revered
  18. It is collaborative by nature
  19. Bravery is rewarded
  20. It is fun!

5 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    I want to be a drama teacher when I grow up! It sounds really really fun!!

  2. Mary says:

    Great post Justin!

    What did you think of the 2017 Drama Written Examination?

  3. Madeline.Jarrett says:


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