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  1. Marion Palmer says:

    Never normally – but a yr 11 student transferred to do the drama course at my school and then it was taken off timetable. We trialled her in with my exam 12 course (WA). Ticks all of those criteria and then some. She took herself to the Dramawest exam prep course in the holidays and my first question was ” Being accelerated, what were the gaps. where did you feel under-prepared, lost, what have you / I missed?” The answer was NOTHING. She really got a lot of confidence from the fact that she was up to speed and made all the relevant connections with her classroom learning. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Anne De Manser says:

    One of our best Drama students completed 3/4 when she was in year 10. Her Top Acts audition was testament to the brilliant and mature approach to her solo. Would she have done better in year 12? Maybe, but in a small school like ours our kids need to take subjects in cross age cohorts so good kids often complete Drama or TS early. I believe they often do better in yr 11 because they have the creative headspace required for Drama and their time & energy isn’t fragmented with other 3/4 subjects.
    I also like to take a holistic view of our students’ success and I think VCE Drama sets them up for success in other subjects in Yr 12.
    As with all educational decisions, the individual is the focus – learning stage not learning age.

    1. Hi Anne, great to hear of someone jumping two year levels and undertaking Units 3/4 Drama as a Year 10 student! You raise a very valid point about a student potentially having the creative headspace doing 3/4 Drama in Year 11, without the pressure of all the other 3/4 subjects at the same time. Love your phrase “learning stage not learning age”. Hope its not copyrighted. I think I may be using that slogan from now on! – Justin