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  1. A very interesting article Justin! I am considering doing a topic similar for my senior classes self devised ensembles. Any advise for specific events/ people/ films or books I should ask my students to research??

    1. Jane, I am in the process of writing an ensemble topic on artificial intelligence myself. I came across this article when researching it. If you wait a couple of weeks, I should have the ensemble topic finished and it will be posted on The Drama Teacher. Then you can use it as is or modify it for your own needs. My ensemble topic will most likely not include the link to creativity discussed in this post, however. Whoops! My Year 12 Drama students don’t know their ensemble topic yet and they’ve been asking me for it every day. I wonder if they follow their teacher’s website close enough to discover this comment and that artificial intelligence will be their upcoming ensemble topic?!

      1. Brilliant! I have found your previous ensemble structures extremely useful. This is a complex topic and will certainly give students food for thought. I will be eagerly awaiting the completion of this ensemble topic along with the list of stimuli material. Haha, your students sound very eager! Passionate kids in a drama class really make all your hard yards as a teacher worth it!