Australian Drama

Here’s a shopping list or two that may help anyone teaching Australian Drama in their courses (lists updated 5 Feb, 2009).

Notable Australian Playwrights

Ray Lawler
Jack Davis
Louis Nowra
David Williamson
Nick Enright
Andrew Bovell
Michael Gow
Stephen Sewell
Debra Oswald
Alan Seymour
Joanna Murray-Smith
Hannie Rayson
Jack Hibberd
Louis Esson
Michael Gurr
John Romeril
Alex Buzo
Peter Kenna
Katherine Thomson
Patrick White
Dorothy Hewett
Alan Hopgood
Matt Cameron

Notable Australian Plays

Gary’s House (Oswald)
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Ray Lawler)
Chilling and Killing My Annabel Lee (Aidan Fenessey)
Speaking In Tongues – adapted screenplay became the film Lantana – (Andrew Bovell)
Stolen (Jane Harrison)
Summer of the Aliens (Louis Nowra)
Away (Michael Gow)
The One Day of the Year (Alan Seymour)
Blackrock (Nick Enright)
The Club (David Williamson)
No Sugar (Jack Davis)
Meat Party (Duong Le Quy)
After Dinner (Andrew Bovell)
Cloudstreet (Nick Enright/Justin Mojo)
Cosi (Louis Nowra)
Hotel Sorrento (Hannie Rayson)
The Blind Giant Is Dancing (Stephen Sewell)
A Stretch of the Imagination (Jack Hibberd)
Ruby Moon (Matt Cameron)
Children of the Black Skirt (Angela Betzien)
Honour (Joanna Murray-Smith)
Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America (Stephen Sewell) <most awarded Australian play>
Holy Day (Andrew Bovell)

Notable Australian Theatre Companies

Melbourne Theatre Company (oldest in Australia)
Sydney Theatre Company (largest number of subscribers)
The Pram Factory (Melbourne)
Nimrod Street Theatre (Sydney)
Australian Performing Group (Melbourne)
Ensemble Theatre (Sydney)
La Mama / Carlton Courthouse (Melbourne)
Belvoir St Theatre/Company B (Sydney)
Black Swan Theatre Company (Western Australia)
Queensland Theatre Company
State Theatre Company of South Australia
Arena Theatre Company (Melbourne)
Bell Shakespeare Company (National)
Malthouse Theatre Company (Melbourne)

Notable Australian Theatre Venues

Sydney Opera House
The Arts Centre (Melbourne)
Queensland Performing Arts Centre
State Theatre (Sydney)
La Mama (Melbourne)
The Pram Factory (Melbourne)
Adelaide Festival Centre
Princess Theatre (Melbourne)
Regent Theatre (Melbourne)
Comedy Theatre (Melbourne)
Her Majesty’s Theatre (Melbourne)

3 Responses

  1. Todd says:

    Hi, I work for Full Throttle Theate Company, which is the oldest professional theatre company in regional Australia. I also teach. How about Tom Wright, for playwrights?

  2. Justin Cash says:

    Thanks! I have now added these to the post.

  3. J.A. Samaranch says:

    Don’t forget the Nimrod Street Theatre in Sydney. And Alan Seymour’s The One Day of the Year (c. 1960) has been one of Australia’s most successful and controversial plays.

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