Justin Cash


Stimulus Images for Drama: The Future

A collection of 50 stimulus images about the future. Students can use these in the drama or theatre classroom when looking for inspiration to create characters and scenes. The beauty about this topic is no one really knows what the future may hold for us all? This slideshow covers sub-themes...


Hamilton to Screen on Disney+ From July 3

Hamilton, the world’s biggest stage musical, will screen on Disney+ from July 3. Live recorded over two performances back in June 2016 with most of the original Broadway cast, the film was meant to hit the big screen in October next year. But Disney, who reportedly paid a whopping $75...


VCE Drama Solo Performance Resources 2020

A curated selection of resources for each of the ten characters on this year’s VCE Drama solo performance exam. Resources include articles, images and videos. VCE Drama Solo Performance Examination 2020 Prescribed Structure 1 Harlequin (Arlechino) and/or Columbine (Columbina) Encyclopaedia Britannica Source article for this prescribed exam character includes origins,...