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Patricia Segura
1 year ago

Dear Justin,

Allow me the audacity to post my opinion and, at the same time, ask for the opinion of my colleagues who wish to do so.
Although the most widely disseminated thought on Bertolt Brecht and identification in acting is the one he held at first, there are some interviews where Brecht mentions that identification – with the character – is not totally ruled out.
He also makes it clear that distancing is not directly -or not always- related to stylisation as a form of acting.
I remember that at the meeting with representatives of the Berliner Ensemble in 1989 when I was invited, together with a group of Latin Americans involved in art and culture, by the Friendship Society of the DDR -Liga Fur Volkerfreundschaft Der Deustchen Demokratischen Republik- these ideas about the type of acting in epic theatre were confirmed to me.
I think these ideas are directly related to what David Barnett states. Do you think the same as me?
Thank you very much for your attention,


Lekhoni Acharya
3 years ago

Dear Author, I have read through your article and I am really excited to know more about the fact that Brecht’s plays were actually realistic play. I was wondering if you could tell me more about it, or give me proof of it.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.