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  1. erin taylor says:

    dec who even are you? back to libby, it is very interesting and it was nice to have chatted with you, one more thing often he would use symbolic props, where one item could be used in a variety of ways. E.g a suit case might become a desk, a car door or a bomb. He is defiently on the top of my list of insperational directors, along with Stanislavski.

  2. erin taylor says:

    Yes, he would use mulit-roling – where an actor plays more than one character onstage to create emotional distance. Also, split-roling which is similar but more than one actor plays the same character.

    1. libby madgett says:

      Also Brecht belived in keeping light simple as he didnt want the production values to overshadow the message of the work. He belived in using harsh white light as this ‘illuminates the truth’.

  3. libby madgett says:

    This is really appropriate to the topic i am studying and helped me understand alot more than before. Bertolt Brecht is an inspreration and i love his work.

      1. libby madgett says:

        thank you erin, i am really inspired by his work. Especially One of Brecht’s primary goals which was to emotionally distance the audience from the action on stage.

  4. very concise and helpful location for my high school students and saves them gong through the endless texts available which can be ifficult to negotiate for beginners. jfs

  5. Melanie X says:

    ooooh mr. cash, 3 years since i’ve been in your class and i’m still finding this so helpful in my uni assignments!!!!
    love ya work, thumb man!

  6. Hilary Phillips says:

    Any help appreciated teaching epic to year 13 for the first time.

  7. Thank you so much for this, not the exact information i need, but it offers a great insight into the inner workings of Brecht and his Epic Theatre (:

  8. This is really handy, it’s hard to find simplified versions of anything to do with Brecht because everything you read is about his entire life, not the important bits we’re studying. Thanks for the heads up 🙂