Junior Drama


The Importance of Problem Solving in Drama

The ability to solve problems is a critical skill all students of theatre must possess. Problem-solving in drama class can either be an individual or group-based activity that often lies at the very heart of effective theatre making. Constructing a theatre performance of any kind is usually a collaborative endeavour...


Words Used to Describe Theatre Costumes

Here’s a list of 500 words I have compiled to assist drama students and teachers in describing theatre costumes on stage. This list should prove useful for class discussions and essays after theatre visits. Not sure of the meaning of a word on the list? Look it up in the dictionary.


Stimulus Images for Drama: Fantasy

If you’re exploring the fantasy genre in the drama classroom, here’s a suite of images that can be used as stimulus for brainstorming characters, group improvisations, solo performances where a character inhabits the world of the picture, etc. Enjoy! Consider using these images in connection with other stimulus image collections...