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2016 Drama Solo Performance and Theatre Studies Stagecraft Examinations

The 2016 Drama Solo Performance and Theatre Studies Stagecraft examinations have just been published by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. Drama Solo Performance Examination This year’s Drama solo performance exam is an eclectic mix...


A Steampunked Caravan

From the British television show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, here’s an episode screened in December last year showcasing two street circus performers who turn an “unremarkable 1970s caravan” into a Victorian mobile theatre space for children’s’...

Costume and Set Design 1

Costume and Set Design

Here’s a nifty little video from The Library Theatre exhibition on the role of costume and scenic designers. This video is appropriate for students who are studying these aspects of theatre design for the first...



Sifting through the nerdy side of my personality, checking out details of this week’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, I came across a term I never knew existed in “cosplay”. As you may...