Right Place At The Right Time

Twice in the space of a week I’ve run into people very familiar to everyone in the theatre world, particularly in Australia. Last weekend I was leaving a colleague’s birthday party at 1.15 in the morning and as I walked to my car in a nearby side-street, the person who...


Billy Elliot Says Goodbye To Australia

A few hours ago I popped in to see the final Australian performance of Billy Elliot at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Melbourne and what a special treat it was! The show began with a few speeches on stage from the overseas producer and directors, including Stephen Daldry, who flew in...

2009 Short Solo Performance Characters 6

2009 Short Solo Performance Characters

Every 12 months in Year 12 Drama, my students undertake a brief task of constructing and performing a short 2-minute solo performance. The purpose of the task is for the student to understand the processes involved in the task that immediately follows it, a more demanding 7-minute solo performance examination....