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1 year ago

[…] Class Sizes Matter in Drama […]

5 years ago

Any advice for teaching in s small classroom. The kids can barely move and whilst I use the four corners for group spaces, realistically the room is so small the groups amalgamate into each other. The kids are quite restricted in their movement. I don’t need a MASSIVE room but being in the smallest room feels quite a stressful experience! I’ve cleared it of everything I can. Classes of 20 crammed into it.

5 years ago

Any advice on teaching a class of two students? I teach at an international school and my two students are very interested in Drama – this is their first time in a Drama class. However, I am finding it difficult to ease them into it because their are no opportunities for improv, games, etc. because there are only two students. And they don’t have an audience 🙁 Any tips would be much appreciated!

7 years ago

I have a class of 3 at As level. Ideas on how to motivate them?

9 years ago

HI there,

I found your drama networking page and have been looking through it. I am writing you to ask for advice.

I have four years teaching experience (Drama and Dance) in an IB International School in Turkey. At the same time, I am pursuing my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Bilkent University while teaching.

I have a Bachelors degree in Theatre (from Canada) and several years professional experience in theatre and dance. In addition to my IB teaching experience I have other drama teaching experience as well.

I am looking at options to teach drama and/or dance in other schools in Europe. I am trying to assess my options and would be grateful for your help.

I have two questions:

1) I heard there are some schools that can consider teachers with no formal certification, where they are looking for experience, passion, educational philosophy, track record, other studies (like Masters), etc. Do you have any suggestions of where to find these schools or which schools in particular are like this?

2) How can I acquire a teaching certificate that is recognized internationally? I am looking for a program where I can I apply my Masters courses credits towards a teaching certificate.

Thank you for any advice and help that you can offer.

Happy New Year

David Goodman

11 years ago

My class sizes have been (in the past) at the lowest 30, at the highest 43. After multiple attempts, over a decade of teaching, to get administration to understand classes this size are ridiculous, I finally moved to a new district. However, I have seen the overgrowth of theatre classes has become a trend in education.
Any suggestions on how to approach administration and help them understand WHY theatre classes don’t work when they are so big. What could be said/done to convince an administrator to keep the numbers reasonable?

Reply to  Juliet
9 years ago

I feel you. I am a first year drama teacher with 56 in my Drama I class; 14 of them with special needs. It is stressful to say the least. Worse than that, though, are the 20 or so that are very much into it, but are not getting the training they need/want. Justin : I love your posts, but had to shake my head when you stated that class sizes tend to be smaller as the ages progress, especially in comparison to mainstream classes. In the US, it is quite the opposite : mainstream classes have caps; electives do not. I teach 6 classes, and my lowest is 32, highest is 58. It is very frustrating.

11 years ago

Last year I had to teach Year 10, 11 and 12 Drama in the one room. I’m used to teach Unit 1/3 combined, but adding Year 10 was a nightmare – especially as they were the dominant number – there were ten Year 10s, two Year 11s and three Year 12s. No doubt the VCE students suffered as the 10s held everyone back. It really is the problem with small numbers in Drama.

This year I was lucky enough to not have Year 10 also, now with five Year 11s, two Year 12s = class of 7. I must echo how difficult it is, particularly with ensemble, when potentially half to two thirds of the class are missing. On many occasions I only have 3-4 students present.

Barbara Varrasso
Reply to  Angie
9 years ago

We are thinking of introducing a combined yr 11 and 12 Drama class for the first time next year.
Can I have some advice about how this might work please?

11 years ago

I am a drama teacher in Toronto Canada. What I think is more important then the size is the gender split. For example, my smallest gr. 10 drama class has 19 kids. But, only 6 of them are girls. This class is weak. But, my class with 32 is the opposite with 5 boys and the rest girls and this class is doing really well. I think the class needs a core group of people that really do great work and then the others hopefully will try to reach towards the this. Finally, the tone of the class is also important. Sometimes the mix of people brings each other down because the environment is not safe enough to take risks. No matter how hard the teacher tries–it’s not their fault. I’d say the more unsupportive the group the lower the marks. J. Singer

11 years ago

Dear Justin,
What is the ideal size for drama students aged 16-18?
I need to motivate class size to my principal.
I want to say 16…
Can you tell me what you think?