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18 years ago

Oh Faulty towers… I say you bring it into yr 10 Drama Cashy! John Cleese is a genius in my opinion. Maybe you should consider showing the yr 9’s some of “The Holy Grail” too. Monty Python at it’s best if you ask me!

18 years ago

Ahhhh…and to think their were only 9 episodes of this “roll-on-the-floor-laughing” series made!!!!
Here is a bit of trivia for you…
Did you know that Polly (the maid) and Fawtly were married in real life??? Pretty groovy hey kids, who would have thought?!?!?!
I always LOVED the slapstick created between Fawlty and the waiter…what a team!!! It was always so creative and innovative, taking “bafoonary” to a new level of sophistication (as sopfisticated as slapstick can get anyway)

Grace 🙂

18 years ago

yes i remember watching faulty towers for yr 9 comedy unit. i thought is was great… it definately helped me understand farce a lot better…
PLEASE not the GENRE vs STYLE debate. how many years have you been teaching me cashy? AND HOW MANY YEARS HAVE YOU STARTED EVERY CLASS WITH THAT DEBATE???????? i can understand its importance to discuss the difference, the problem is, by the end of the debate half of the class is more confused about it then when u started off!!
Well i think i have imposed on your blog for long enough now..
have a good one -genelle