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Many readers of The Drama Teacher may not be aware I have a public Instagram account that is purely a collection of images about theatre and drama education.


At the beginning of this year I decided to post to Instagram as a way for teachers, students and theatre enthusiasts to learn about drama and theatre in a visual, relaxed and causal fashion. Most importantly, this is not simply a feed of images that appear on The Drama Teacher website. On Instagram I post a completely different collection of images about everything from Commedia dell’arte and Bertolt Brecht to beautiful theatre houses, old posters and key moments from famous plays. Under each post I summarise the image with a small fact or brief academic blurb to ensure the post is educational for those viewing it.

Many of the theatre images I post to Instagram are historical and difficult to find, yet I try to keep the posts relevant to drama and theatre lovers, actors, school drama students, university theatre students, and drama teachers. If you or your drama students are visual learners, then follow me on Instagram!

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