Middle School Drama Teacher Resource Texts

Not an exhaustive list, by any means, but a start, nevertheless..

Creating Drama
Burton, B.
Pearson Longman. ISBN: 0 1236 0264 5
Useful text with theory and practical activities on improvisation, process drama, group-devised playbuilding, characterisation, expressive movement, voice, focus, tension, dramatic environments, ritual, symbol, the history of comedy and tragedy to the present day, stagecraft, Brecht’s Epic Theatre and Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed. Unfortunately the revised edition does not have a friendly design., though still a very handy resource for Drama teachers.

Performance: A Practical Approach to Drama
McNamara, M & Tourelle, L.
Heinemann. ISBN: 0 86462 07909
Very good drama text with information and activities on assessing performances, stagecraft, movement, voice, improvisation, playbuilding and performance, Stanislavski’s system, acting techniques and theatre reviews. Includes tables, charts, diagrams and illustrations.

Centre Stage: Creating, Making and Interpreting Drama
Mathew Clausen
Heinemann. ISBN: 0 86462 478 6
Staple Drama text with oodles of activities on the performer’s body, voice, improvisation, playbuilding, script interpretation, performance reviews, melodrama, comedy, masks, non-realistic theatre, playback theatre and documentary theatre. Excellent layout, photographs and illustrations. Includes handy theatre artist and practitioner profiles on contemporary playwrights, theatre personnel, comedians etc.

Drama Class: Lesson Plans for Years 7-10
Goran Banyai
Macmillan. ISBN: 0 7239 9997 9
Perfect book for the new or returning Drama teacher, or just the frantically busy Drama teacher! This text is expensive, but your returns will far exceed the money spent. Includes complete lesson plans for a four-term school year for Years 9 and 10 Drama students (i.e. an entire course syllabus). Year 9 lesson plan activities cover images, symbols, identity, ancient Greek theatre, Commedia dell’Arte, Shakespeare and modern play texts. Year 10 lesson plans cover actor training, theatre techniques, actor and audience, solo and group playbuilding, stage technology, Australian texts and plays, and bringing a play from the page to the stage. Text is a 400-page ring binder folder resource. All pages can be taken out of the folder. Inlcudes photocopiable templates etc. Nice clear layout design.

More recommended texts coming soon……

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  1. Gina Jones says:

    I am searching for Exploring Theatre Teacher’s Resource Binder. I can’t locate it!!
    I’ve loved it for years.
    I have the student textbook and the teacher’s edition text. This is an awesome resource binder filled with sheets you can copy, puzzles, tests, quizzes, and fun item like a family crest, etc.
    It’s very hard to find. The authors are Nancy Prince and Jeanne Jackson.

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