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  1. Hi Neat! Isn’t it amazing that 20 years later, you and I not only vividly remember that wonderful Year 8 drama class, but can recall a single lesson – the prison break! I remember trying a bit of process drama that day as a young teacher in role as the guard, experimenting to see if it would work. Your class was so keen on drama there was nothing I could do to stop you all as prisoners in role escaping and running all over parts of the school during class time! In terms of process drama and pedagogy, it was perfect. As for our Snow White performance in your drama course, that, I will never forget. I can still picture it in my head today. Without a doubt, I have some of my fondest memories of drama teaching from our fabulous class all those years ago. Says a lot about how important group dynamics are in drama teaching, too. Everyone in that class was just so motivated and focused (pretty impressive for 13 year-olds). Seems like it was only yesterday. So happy to hear you are teaching drama yourself these days. Thanks for your lovely comments. – JC.

  2. My inspirational Drama teacher was …Justin Cash, way back in the 90s in Lilydale. My first memory of drama class with him was a chaotic (but I’m sure completely organised) class where we role played a prison break (he was the prison guard), and then a wonderful rendition of Snow White. What fun times! I’m still teaching Drama, now to children aged 3 years up to 17 years in my little “school” mostly funded through grant writing. I also work with adults and seniors. Thanks for the kick-start JC!