Right Place At The Right Time

Twice in the space of a week I’ve run into people very familiar to everyone in the theatre world, particularly in Australia.

Last weekend I was leaving a colleague’s birthday party at 1.15 in the morning and as I walked to my car in a nearby side-street, the person who had just parked behind me noticed my crazy car licence plate (DRAMA) and approached me in the dark for a chat.


If you’re a regular reader of The Drama Teacher, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the Melbourne Theatre Company’s current production of the multi-award winning play August Osage County and of Robyn Nevin’s performance, in particular. So, it was perhaps fate that made Robyn Nevin park her car behind mine in that street last weekend!

Then on Saturday night, seeing Robyn in August Osage County for the 4th time, I was washing my hands in the men’s bathroom at interval, only to look sideways at Geoffrey Rush beside me, who must have only just arrived back home in Melbourne. Weird place to congratulate someone on winning a Tony Award for Best Actor, but I went for it, anyway!

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