Solo Performance Checklist

This post is directly relevant for VCE Drama Unit 4 teachers in Victoria, as their students prepare the final stages of the solo performance examinations.

Here is a useful checklist of last-minute items for yourself and/or your students.

Solo Performance Checklist

  • the stem
  • dot point 1
  • dot point 2
  • dot point 3
  • (dot point 4 for some character structures)
  • theatrical convention 1
  • theatrical convention 2
  • dramatic element 1
  • dramatic element 1
  • primary character
  • secondary characters
  • transformation of character
  • transformation of place
  • transformation of object
  • disjointed time sequences
  • requirements of the prescribed structure (achieved by addressing all bullet points above)
  • development of a performance from the prescribed structure
  • coherence and development
  • use of performance style(s) including performance style(s) prescribed in the structure
  • use of theatrical conventions including theatrical conventions prescribed in the structure
  • use of dramatic elements including the use of dramatic elements prescribed in the structure
  • use of space
  • timing and tension
  • application of stagecraft (costume, prop/s)
  • use of expressive skills (voice, movement, facial expression, gesture)
  • use of performance skills (presence and energy)

2 Responses

  1. Arcadia says:

    Could you please expand on the stem and the dot? I teach in America and would like to know what is meant by those elements.

  2. fdds says:

    it was ok.

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