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7 years ago

I thought you or your readers might be interested in some work we’ve been doing about audience views on strategies to stop mobile phone use and on the rather surprising potential side effects. If you are interested have a look at If you think your website visitors would be interested, then it woud be great if you could tell them about the article or maybe we could think about some sort of interaction around the subject. What do you think?

Liu Yan
11 years ago

I’m doing research on the translation of theater etiquette in China and English-speaking countries and surfing on the web to find information about it. A link in Google directs me to your post. Can’t agree with you more.
The question is adults are not aware of it, but they ignore it.
There are various theater etiquette in China.
Enclosed is “Tips for theater goers” of Shanghai Theater. Like to share with you.


Theatre Etiquette
Kindly take note of the following to ensure a pleasant theatre experience for everyone:
1. Audiences entering the theatre will need to display their valid performance ticket. Please retain your ticket till the end of the performance.
2. Please enter the theatre in an orderly manner and take your seat according to the seat number indicated on your ticket. Also, kindly help to maintain a quiet theatre environment for everyone. Latecomers will only be allowed entry at suitable intervals. Please listen to the arrangements of the ushers.
3. Audiences will need to be dressed appropriately for the performance.
4. Please do not bring any flammable or combustible items into the theatre.
5. Please do not carry any sugared drinks or coffee into the theatre. Eating is strictly prohibited in the theatre.
6. Please take note that photography and videography are not allowed during the performance and flash is strictly prohibited.
7. Please deposit your bulky items and plastic bags in the cloakroom. For studio theatre audiences, please deposit the relevant items in the lockers provided outside the studio theatre.
8. Please ensure that children are not left unattended during the performance, to ensure that they do not roam around or make noise and affect other patrons viewing the performance.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can better improve our service, please speak to our ushers in uniform.
Shanghai Grand Theatre endeavors to provide a professional, personal and thoughtful service to all of you.

11 years ago

Is anyone aware of a short skit, musical or play that incorporates teaching theatre etiquette to children. We would like to find one for our Green Shows. We are hearing continuously how children are growing up without learning theatre etiquette and we want to find a fun way to teach it to them through our productions.

14 years ago

I can only agree with you Justin, but must add my own rule of “Please be at the theatre on time!” I have recently returned from New York and was absolutely amazed at how so many people arrived well after the performances had begun. My son had a funny experience once at the theatre he was ushering at…a group of young people had clearly never attended live theatre before and wanted to move from the seats they’d been issued. In most cinemas you can sit anywhere, and they thought that was the case at live theatre too. He put them back in their places (literally) very quickly. 🙂 With the eating/lolly wrapper problems, many theatres are making a bit of a joke about it now. Along with the “turn off the phone” message some are also adding that “now would be a great time to unwrap your rattly lollies”.

Mark Nagle
Reply to  Karen
10 years ago

Theatres should now inform people AGAIN to turn off mobiles AFTER the interval.

Justin Cash
14 years ago

Thanks Nina. A good little article on the do’s and dont’s for any member of a theatre audience. I love the line about the average Broadway seat makes Economy class on a commercial airliner look luxurious. So true!

14 years ago