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  1. frank pronesti says:

    Justin i am a former drama teacher living overseas, i’d be interested in viewing the video of ‘the black death’ as a matter of personal interest. i loved teaching drama, drama not only great for students, it taught teachers to be even more creative and to inculcate important live skills and experiences into helping us become even better people. are you with drama victoria? i had many friends in this field. thanks for sharing your passion, i’m connected too. Frank pronesti

    1. Thanks for your comments Frank. Yes, I am with Drama Victoria – currently in my 14th year on the Drama Victoria Committee of Management. I agree with you, drama teaching does enable teachers to be even more creative with their craft, no matter what the discipline. The link to the ensemble video is in the post, above, if you wish to view it.


  2. Mark Brady says:

    Many thanks Justin. You’re a legend! And also, a big thank you to the girls who gave you permission. Cheers.