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  1. The difficulty with this is that many schools do not allow you to leave practical extras. I have a set of emergency extras which include theory extras such as performance analysis and scripting, but if it’s an extended absence you can severely halt progress by not being allowed to have students up on their feet.

    1. Jane Dubuisson says:

      Get well soon! And many thanks for all the great info always. Jane

    2. A very valid point, Angie. If your school does not allow you to leave practical extras for classes in your absence, then that would be a nightmare for subjects such as drama. You can only throw so much theory at drama students, particularly the younger ones. I once worked at a school that had this policy for things such as Science pracs, but not for drama. How do they (school administration) expect an academic program to continue with minimal disruption if they don’t allow practical subjects to leave practical extras?