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  1. Butter Philip says:

    Please, I need a short tragedy drama very urgent written in
    English language base on my costly mistake, at secondary school level.

  2. This is an incredible resource. I wish there was a way to have it on every drama teacher’s desktop. Thanks, and well done.

  3. Elsabe Boyd says:

    I need an animal script for 2 animals , so 2 kids playing the roles

  4. I need an small script for 1 person becuse it’s an solo theater and just about 2-3 mins

    1. merci skyler says:

      have you tryed monologing thats what i do when i have to do something like that

  5. Yachna dharmani says:

    I required a good script for compition theatre play

  6. Alabi nurat says:

    Please i need a 10 minute drama script about cultism with 10 characters

  7. Angel bebs datuin says:

    I need short topic with explanation for theater

  8. Obioma Mgbachi says:

    I really need a script for my Year 7 class consisting of 13 scholars on the topic ” World war 1″.

    Thank you.

  9. lerato makhonanyane says:

    i need a script that is about violence and poverty ,that has 14 characters

  10. Good evening I need a script about June 16 back then and June 16 now

  11. I would love to get some feedback on some play scripts written by my grade 11’s…

  12. Lydia clever says:

    I need a drama script for primary on olden days marriage

  13. Zeynab Salamova says:

    Hello.I need a script for 10-12 roles for a school drama.Perhaps classic literature

    1. Kemi Adesoji Moses says:

      I need a drama script on graduation

  14. rea hermoso says:

    greetings good morning greetings thank you very much greetings thank you very much on the drama teacher

  15. Frances Liu says:

    I need a script for 6 roles for 5 minutes.

  16. Riddhi Rathore says:

    I need a script for school that gives a message only 10 minutes

  17. Grace Hatch says:

    Searching for a script entitled An English Teacher’s… It’s acted out by one person playing the role of several chacters

  18. I need a moral script with 4 roleplay s.

  19. Micheal Edith says:

    I need a scripts about leadership

  20. Farheen haider says:

    I need script of honesty for school play drama

  21. i need a script urgently on racism for my university project.kindly please help me .

  22. Lydia Dsouza says:

    I need a 10 minutes drama script on Honesty, for highschool students..

  23. Please I need a dramatic skit with a maximum of five characters built on indolence and titled ” it was a terrible mistake.
    Thank you

  24. Ernest Sarpong says:

    I urgently need an educative short play of about 10 minutes for a school graduation

  25. Ahmad Nasan says:

    I need a drama script for upper primary classes with the theme of social problems and solutions.

  26. I am looking for a fun , humerous script for 8 middle school students

  27. Fadugba oluwatobi Paul says:

    I need a 10mins script of 4 cast.
    The script we just be inform of advertisements of school.

  28. I need an educative drama for end of the year party

  29. I need a drama script for upper primary classes with the theme of kindness.

  30. I need a drama script for upper primary classes with the theme of social problems and solutions.

  31. Undertaking a project on using drama to improve academic performance of Primary 6 pupils. Kindly help with a drama script. Looking at the areas of ability to speak English, communicate, teamwork, and collaboration.
    Thank you.

  32. I have to “secure before production” when all I want is a script.

  33. It was making me pay for the scripts even though I never even charged for it and also it says that it’s only to a few of them I wanted to only be two people and by the way I cannot find Skips for it

  34. I am looking for Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday play scripts for 3rd graders. i have 15 students and would prefer to have plays for 7 or 8. The kids can take turns being the audience or the actors.

  35. So I’m trying to out on a small and simple but funny play and I have 3 female and 5ish males to work with does anyone have any suggestions?

  36. Eve Kapaso says:

    I am a 2nd grade teacher. I am desperately looking for a short Cinderella play with a twist.Please help ASAP. I need to start working on it. I have really searched. I would like to involve a class of 20.

    1. I know one called Cinderellla, Cinderella but I’m not for sure that it calls for 20 characters

    2. Hi i need a short script for kids

  37. I´d like a short play to perform my students of 1st ESO

  38. Abubakar S. Danjuma says:

    Hi there. I A.S. Danjuma from the city of Jos Plateau State, Nigeria. I need secondary comedy drama to be acted on stage. Thanks.

  39. i need to write a play on family and education can you help

  40. Emily Suh says:

    Does anyone know a good 15-20 minutes play for 6 yo kindergarten kids (2 male, 3 female)?

    1. Azael Morales says:

      have you read The good man and hisson byAesop Fable, I think could be agood option for you.
      the main characters are male and the second ones could be female. or youcan adapt them according with your cast.
      good luck

  41. I have a website showcasing my personal original scripts for free. Is it possible to ask to be considered for listing on your sight?

  42. neisha Palmer-Murray says:

    Hey. I am a sixth-grade teacher and I am about to write a play with morals for my class. I need some assistance as it is my first time.
    Thank you

    1. Harriet chiluba says:

      I need a script for Joseph and his brothers play

      1. Zainab Ryklief says:

        I need a script for 3- 5 minutes cast 6

    2. Sangeetha says:

      Hay I’m taking classes for 3rd and they are gonna celebrate English day so we need to do one skit with moral please help me

  43. I’m searching for an effective script for my final project at university. I’m a drama student and I need a long monologue script for female. please help 🙁

  44. I need a short comedy for secondary school graduation party

  45. Godwin bassey says:

    Need a play script for morals

    1. Barbara Zuckerman says:

      Ask your kiddos…. get the material from them and record it all. They’ll relate if the words came out of their mouths. You just finesse the flow… Easier said than done, but using ‘my’ kids’ ideas, words and thoughts have worked really well for me.

    2. I need a small and simple script that takes two minutes

    3. Massah Holmes says:

      Hi i need short comedies for grade 3 and grade 5 please

  46. Alecor Wennador says:

    Help!! Need a very short play for kids, 2 male 3 female in apparently easy language.

  47. Beginners can very quickly search through the
    huge facts and guidance via the net.

  48. Gebrye Animut says:

    sir/madam, i need pan African play scripts for African theater course! pls help!

  49. I am trying to find a play script about Valentine’s Day. There are about 5 persons (2 males, 3 females).It should be for about 10 mins .

    1. Gebrye Animut says:

      I need betrayal in the city by Francis Embuga
      or another pan African scripts for African theater course!

  50. Please Help!!
    My daughter requires a play script that is about 20 minutes duration. the theme should be murder or apocalypse

  51. I need master level play which is performed in classroom .duration of the play must be 30 minutes and it possess all the characteristics of modern drama plzzzzz help me

    1. same here. did u found it?

  52. hello
    I need a play Script for showing the benefit of reading

    1. I need a play suitable for kindergarten level (5-6 yrs) that has over 20 parts and is under 10 minutes. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  53. Cindy Heuer says:

    I am looking for a skit that is 10 minutes long for our 4-H group. We have 14 kids and they would like a comedy that uses musical instruments. Do you have anything like that?

    1. Sheldon Huete says:

      Hi , I need a play for 8 kids from 5th grade for 5th grade audiences hope you can help me

    2. Sonia Abeyesekera says:

      I need s 15mnts play for grade 4 students

  54. Hi. am training a drama team. In need of a drama script for atleast 13 actors.Play based on social life and problems.

    1. Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

      1. Sir,
        I need a script from you to act in the church for adult for adult for less than 10 cast.

    2. Looking for an English play for class 8 of 20 minutes duration.
      Kindly forward if possible

  55. Sthandiwe says:

    I need a play script on 3 females and 3 males on the theme Affection

    1. I need a radio drama scripts with two people

  56. Can somebody suggest a play script
    for a ;musical for children 11yrs and above

  57. Sylvia Woodcock says:

    I am writing on behalf of the Radio Play Society, Blind Veterans UK here in Brighton. We are looking for a script/play for approx 8/10 people – drama, comedy, thriller – for age group 70/80/90 year old blind Veterans. We the Volunteers are there to read the lines and the Veterans give it their all – it is recorded and sent around to other blind Veterans in the charity. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Sylvia Woodcock

    1. Muhammad Asif says:

      Please send me that script we have 8 members in a group to perform play in classroom

  58. Doreen salve says:

    I want a English drama script with moral for grade 5

  59. Desmond jeh says:

    hi,I also need a shot play for ages 10 to 13 secondary school audience.

  60. Marc Stewart says:

    Hi, if are all of these scripts free to use for a non profit radio station?

  61. Shelly Mandelbaum says:

    This site is completely awesome. I’ve ask these details a great deal and I view it
    that is professional, easy to comprehend. I congratulate you because of this article that I am
    going to recommend to people around.

  62. AMANDA JOHNSON says:

    This is really neat information! Low priced scripts are very hard to come by! and Good free ones are even more! thanks

  63. Hello,I am looking for a drama script in English for twenty five characters. Can you help me?

  64. hey

    I’m in high school and have to do a political play scene. Does anyone know a website where i can print scripts and scenes.

  65. I am searching for 6th grade graduation party theme and play for around 26 characters

  66. John Sekwaila says:

    I am teaching 10 – 13 years learners and looking for drama scripts suited for them. I would also appreciate if you could help me with monologue scripts or choral verses.

  67. I need a short 5 minute play of 6 characters

  68. I have a website ( that features thirty-eight scripts I wrote, directed, and produced while teaching drama in a Canadian secondary school. The scripts feature large casts and vary in style and content, but share an architecture in which roles are evenly apportioned. Most offer gender-flexible casting, and all are reasonably solid training plays that can help young actors become more proficient in their craft. All can be performed in under an hour.

    There are no royalties for the use of the scripts by teachers and students. I request only that you notify me about your interest in a script, so that I can give you formal permission to produce it.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Richard! Your plays look awesome and I am sure they will prove valuable to readers of The Drama Teacher. I have added your website to the list in this post.

      1. I need help finding a play scrip for year 6 children (a group of 14- students). 10 boys and 4 girls.
        This is the first I am doing this.
        Thanks in advance

    2. Can i ask ur help for making me a script for 10 minutes play and about 10-14 characters?

  69. I am looking for a christmas play for 5-13 yrs and around 10-15 characters.

  70. Melisa Kumdere says:

    I am looking for a drama script for class 6 & 7 students in English for twenty two characters. Can you help me?

  71. i need a radio,screen and stage play

  72. Ben Gitman says:

    Hi, guys, I am a drama codirector do you guys know of any plays that are 45 min and 15 people

  73. I need a play on any topic with 5 characters and 4 mins

  74. hi ,i want 30 minutes one act play on child labour for senior college students

  75. Georgiana says:

    Need a play for 4-5 boys and 2 girls grades Prep – 9 about war, poor people or the great depression.

  76. Hello!Please help me!I need a script for my final graduation show.Something relatez to the school. Ages 5-6. Thank you a lot!!!

  77. anybody know a good site for urdu plays?

  78. keorapetse says:

    please help me with a drama script of 20 mins play about how can creative industries,a vehicle for sustainable development.

  79. hi
    pls help me
    i wan a 20-25 min drama for college sudents 7 boys

  80. I really need a stage play script for kids any suggestions? Hope you guys can help me. The script/s will be used for school purposes.

  81. Muhammad Shams says:

    Hello !!!
    i have necessity of a story for farewell party,till 11 february for ssc part 2 please help me if you can do……

  82. I want a drama on moral values. For at least 10 minutes.

  83. JOHN LAWAL says:

    the playlet is for primary school end of the year party. the theme is ‘football splash or bash’ please is very urgent help me cos have been thinking. ages of 8-12. thanks

    1. Hi John, I don’t know of any myself. Perhaps another reader can assist you?

  84. ashwini a nayak says:

    i am looking for a humorous comedy drama script for class 6 & 7 students in hindi for twenty characters for 10minutes within 5days. can you help me?

    1. Hi , did you find some plays ?? i am in Very Similar Situation …

  85. Hira imran says:

    I need a play script
    Moral and serious but a little bit pf funny
    Timelimit 15 to 18 min

  86. I need a funny or moral giving drama for class 8 of 6 boys
    we have a drama competition and i am struggling

  87. Preeti Sai Thandavan says:

    i am looking for a drama script for 20 minutes for 9th grade students . i want a humorous , comedy script about a teenage boy….can anyone help me with it?
    i want it before October 5th

  88. Anamika Vyas says:

    Hello I am looking for a 10 min’s drama script for 8th and 9th grade student’s could any one help me out with it.

  89. Desira Nicole Keener says:

    I’m looking for a free 20 minute script with a dark undertone… Any ideas? Please and thank you

  90. placida nirmal says:

    hi can suggest me 15 mins play for class 9th &10th which should me value based or on mercy but should contain humor

  91. hi, need a script for reader’s theater for 6 person and 3-5mins only, well a script with emotions.. much better if its a drama. Thnks!

  92. P.Sahithi says:

    hi i m sahithi i need a moral story for my school drama about 10 min. urgent plzz

  93. Hi iam varsha I need a English play for about 10 mins for my school dramatics.
    We are higher secondary students.I want play in a comedy or fantasy genre.
    Hope u guys can help me out…

  94. Hopeless and if you think you will get something here . PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  95. Vishakha jain says:

    Hii,I run an NGO from my home for unprivileged kids around my home.i want a five min play in non violence so that I can prepare my kids for that.i want these kids to get an oppertunity to enhance their skills.hope I can get one

  96. Hi,

    I need three melodrama ten minute scripts suitable for 6-10 year old performance groups; there are 5 to 6 actors in each group. Preferably something that evokes the stereotypical characters of a melodrama: the villain, the hero, the damsel (male or female) etc. I really want to give the kids an opportunity to extend their acting into the outer kinesphere. Any help would be great. I feel like I have browsed every corner of the next and spent so many hours script reading.


    1. pls I need a short comedy drama for a secondary school students

      1. Sani idris says:

        Please, I need a short tragedy drama written in
        English language base of criminal, poor and rich, at secondary school level.

  97. I need a script on moral value for my year 7 class

  98. Sarah Evington-Smith says:

    Could you recommend some sites that could provide me with some short (7-10 min) comedies written in French? I would like to find some for both Junior and Senior School students.

    1. Now that’s a tricky question! I don’t know of any, sorry. I’d just Google your query and see what you come up with, either in print or online. – Justin

      1. I Sarah, I invite you to visit my website. I am a french playwright and scriptwriter and I offer the full scripts of my plays to free download on my website in french of course (60 plays), but also in spanish (11 plays) and english (3 plays for now). Thank you for your attention. Jean-Pierre Martinez

  99. deoshree gore says:

    i am looking for a 10 min play with a moral value. plz suggest me a good script

  100. tom fentin says:

    I am looking for a play for fourth graders (about ten) that doesn’t require a great deal of work in terms of the sets.

  101. Maureen Chiremba says:

    Would be very grateful if you pot plays for grade 5 to 8.

  102. Tamarian Maxey says:

    🙂 (^o^);-D

  103. Hey, Was just wanting you to email me some of the good plays for sixth grade. Short 10 mins play.
    Thankyou, Hope to get a reply.


  104. please give me a short ply on teacher role for nation, there s a big program on this at our university. any one can help me.

  105. i need a short 15 minute alice in wonderland play for 6th graders

  106. Please i need a short french drama for kids 8 to 10yrs old.20 minutes maximum time.

  107. Fearless Unicorn says:

    Can someone help me find a 10-15 minute play with 22 persons performing? It’s urgent.

  108. want a simple scripts for school childrens .about christmas.

  109. Okay, thank you Justin Cash.

  110. anushka jha says:

    i need a short 5 min french script for beginners learning french. its urgent.

    1. Can someone help me find a solo 10 minute play because one of the plays that me and three other people were doing, one kid kicked me off because I messed up once when we were practicing. So I have to do it by myself. And I’m stressing out because next week I have to perform it.

    1. Justin Cash says:

      Sad Sam,

      Try some of the following websites through Google:

      “Project Gutenberg”
      “Simply Scripts”
      “Classic Reader”
      “Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts”
      “The Online Books Page”

      Most play scripts still in US copyright, however, will not be found online. You will only find historical play scripts.

  111. does any body know a good websites to print off a playscript xx

  112. please sent me script to teach grade 5 to 8.
    will be grastful

    1. I have some great scripts at How about the Hysterical History of the Trojan War or MadScripts! for a quick drama classroom activity.

  113. need a play for 20-21 students in the 9th grade

    please help

    9th grade english teacher

      1. Virend Prasad says:

        please give me a play….7..12 year old. Moral value based on
        Morals; value based Love Truth, Peace, non violence etc.
        Thank you so much


    1. Julie Richardson says:

      Peggy, the Pint Sized Pirate is a fun one for younger kids.

  114. walter webb says:

    would some thing for senor to get started

      1. Anne Reiman says:

        Walter Webb may be hispanic, leave him alone.

  115. Susie Miller says:

    Am trying to find a 10-15min piece for 5 performers for an Eisteddfod. They are 11-13yrs old.

      1. Denny Watson says:

        Could you recommend a good play for 6 to 8 year olds please. I am currently working on Beauty is a Beast… my older kids at this school for the underprivileged, absolutely loves the play.
        THank you

        1. Thank you for using Beauty IS a Beast. I hope the production went well!

    1. Try Alex Broun 10 min plays, they are free and dramatic and some (not all) are suitable for year 10.

    2. Lydia Merrill says:

      I would like to act in this play/movie

  116. Does anyone know a good 20-40min comedy that would be good for a Year 10 class of 10 girls? I’m struggling.

    1. The dancing princesses is an awesome play for that

  117. Heather Olson says:

    I am running a 12 performance class where children learn the basics of theatre and dance. I am currently looking for scenes for them to perform infront of each other.

    1. Alex chiamaka precious says:

      Please I really need a short drama scripts on discipline