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    1. This is amazing, Ben! Really loved the humour and it totally set the tone for a play I’m working on for my office’s Christmas Party/Carol.

      I’ll let you know how it goes.

  1. Thank you so much from denver Colorado! we are a small church trying to do a small nativity for our younger kids, and these were absolutely amazing resources- Justin you might have saved the day with this resource! thank you!

  2. Thank you so much, really helpful, I am looking at several plays from Dramatix which are great! Thanks again.

  3. Thanks Cashy!!
    Who thought 10 years later I’d be trawling through your site again looking for scripts!!

    Jacinta (class of 2009)

  4. To the people here replying “where are the scripts?!” and demanding personalized scripts: learn how to read and stop being miserable ungrateful misers. This guy went out of his way to provide a nice resource at his own expense, probably for little to no profit, and expects nothing in return. Instead, he’s thanked with snide comments from the lesser read. The fact he hasn’t responded with equal venom and rage is in and of itself a Christmas Miracle.

    THANK YOU, JUSTIN, whoever and wherever you are for this site. My youth group appreciates it.

    1. GEEZ calm down, they were just confused about where to go! I understand what you mean of how he worked hard but that does not mean to go off on a rant about these people. This is not a place of name calling, but you are being a total KAREN.

  5. Thanks so much for this. It is really helpful.
    When you update it, including the time the play takes on the link would be helpful (where just one play). But it is really helpful. THANKS

  6. May you please write and email me a play script about Nativity to be played by all primary school, from grade ooo- grade 6.

  7. Hi Justin,

    Your blog is absolutely amazing!!

    I am a highschool teacher on a deadline to create a play for our Christmas Carol and your blog is “a sight for my sore eyes”.

    Thank you and keep it up!!!!!

  8. Justin, i dont like been redirected to other links . Just make your script easy to find if its really free. God bless.

    1. Splendid, please take the time to read the post before you comment about it. There are no scripts of mine here. There are only a collection of external links to other websites. This is clearly stated in the introduction. You are not being “redirected” to other links – it is a suggested list of where to find some free Christmas play scripts on the web. Every website linked to has scripts on it. Try Google if you are not happy. But good luck, because trawling through Google for these is a nightmare. Hence the point of this post in the first place. God bless. Splendid!

  9. Dear Sir,

    you are hereby praise and congratulates for your good kids play written….. In connection to this am asking you to write me a play for my kids in class……i want to introduce them into dram play since it is a new school……..i would like the play title to be EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS.

    thanks and remain blessed

      1. I have been through all 21 websites linked to from this page and as far as I can see all links are working, O’Neil. If a useful website with Christmas play scripts disappeared from the web, I have found it in the Way Back Machine web archive. This may take a little longer to load in the browser and there may be the odd dead link there. Also, occasionally a website linked to from here can have their own external links which sometimes go dead. But as far as I can see, everything is working. Is it possible you are accidentally clicking Google Ad links (or similar) on the linked websites and not the REAL links to free Christmas play scripts? No scam here, O’Neill. Only quality 🙂