A Steampunked Caravan

From the British television show George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, here’s an episode screened in December last year showcasing two street circus performers who turn an “unremarkable 1970s caravan” into a Victorian mobile theatre space for children’s’ shows.

With funding from the Arts Council England and the Fuse Medway Festival, these two performers go about transforming a dilapidated caravan into part of their outdoor performance space on a tight budget in just seven weeks, with some interesting results.


View 3:35-10:00 and then 35:53-40:06.

While I have to say their original design for the caravan appeared much more exciting than the realised product, it was nevertheless inspired by steampunk. Seen the hit musical Wicked in your travels anytime in the past decade? If you have, then you’ve seen a ‘wicked’ example of a steampunk-inspired theatre set. Often referred to as a sub-genre of science fiction, steampunk is a futuristic, industrialised world from either the view of Victorian England or the American Wild Wild West where steam power rules once more.

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