Hollywood Actors Take To Gaming

In the old days voice acting involved a bit of radio work. In recent years well-known actors have lent their voices to successful animated feature films. These days, voice acting just got a whole lot cooler. A-list Hollywood actors are increasingly eager to be the voice of characters in video games. From The Elder Scrolls to Grand Theft Auto and everything in-between, the video game industry is now so huge, recognised actors are finding work in this medium impossible to ignore.

Last year, the makers of the PlayStation 3 video game Beyond: Two Souls took it one step further, creating characters in the game the actors not only voiced, but were realised in their image using facial motion capture. Authentic facial expressions from actress Ellen Page (Juno) resulted in an emotional depth in the game that may not have been achieved otherwise.

Check out the behind the scenes video of Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls.

Video language warning.

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