Best Of New York Theatre 2010: Ben Brantley

In the first of two posts on the best of New York theatre for 2010, The New York Times Chief Theatre Critic, Ben Brantley, gives his personal Top 10 list of the best shows on offer this year.

Brantley refers to the “prevailing mediocrity of Broadway” in 2010 with “empty-headed musicals” and “star-heavy productions of Broadway shows that didn’t belong there”, but claimed “this year of creative drought still provided enough bounty to allow this critic to count to 10”.

Coming in at No.1 on Brantley’s list of best theatre shows in New York in 2010 was The Elevator Repair Service’s production of “Gatz”, a word-for-word theatrical interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel The Great Gatsby, claiming the show was “the most remarkable achievement in theatre not only of this year, but also of this decade”. High praise, indeed!

See Ben Brantley’s full list of Top 10 theatre shows in New York for 2010: article + slideshow.

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