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18 years ago

AHH genelle dog. dont we all love/hate the lack of back of book answers in drama! truly madly deeply, drama is definetly the hardest subject i do, amidst literature and revolutions.. my 2 subjects that the VCE Gods suspect are hardest.
cashdog… not only do other kids in our yr level notice how much we stay back and give time to this subject, but other teachers notice how much time YOU give to your babies (eg: us) when we have a big performance coming up. i dont know if they tell u, but they tell us how awesome it is.. so yeah PROPS CAHDOG!
peace out

18 years ago

True, it is a lot of work Cashman.
But would you have it any other way?

Didn’t think so!

Have a good one!


18 years ago

Cashy you articulated it perfectly! As an avid drama enthusiast I always seem to be defending drama as a subject to perhaps the…how should I put it… more the narrow-minded body of the year level. Little do they know that I and many other drama students (and teachers alike) stay back at school until 6 every night to perfect a performance. We’re actually pretty lucky at our school cashy, Most year 12’s who don’t do drama really respect the hours of hard work we put into it. In my opinion, you have to be brave to choose drama as a yr 12 subject, I mean like u always say, there is no answer at the back of a book, you cant just copy notes off a whiteboard that your teacher put up there for you, a lot of the time its your own initiative, imagination and creativity that gets you the mark you require.
Peace out Cashy!

Michael O'Keeffe
18 years ago


You hit the nail right on the head! This article is PERFECT. So perfect I want to attach it to the staff newsletter.

It’s always great to know that I am not alone.