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8 years ago

Justin, this stimulus instantly starts ideas running through my head!
I have a very keen, but beginner-level Year 11 class for 2016, do you think this would be suitable for them?
Thanks 🙂

Reply to  Justin Cash
8 years ago

This is true, I was going to do a more naturalistic approach, but it might be a bit too heavy for them. I did Social Media with my class last year, so I’m looking for something a bit different. If you have any other ideas, it would be greatly appreciated – I’m the only Drama teacher at my school and have no one to bounce ideas off!

Carina Oelofse
9 years ago

Hi Justin, I just have a quick question for you. By the way, I do enjoy your posts very much. For how many hours a week do you have your seniors for Drama? I feel that the time I have just never seems enough for all the work we have to put in for the Cambridge Examinations.

Miss Snedden
9 years ago

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this!