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  1. Justin, this stimulus instantly starts ideas running through my head!
    I have a very keen, but beginner-level Year 11 class for 2016, do you think this would be suitable for them?
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Ashleigh, I honestly think this Hart Island topic will be a bit too demanding for a beginner-level Year 11 Drama class. The other thing to consider is that if doing your ensemble in VCE Unit 1 Drama, the subject matter needs to be “a devised performance that includes real or imagined characters and is based on stimulus material that reflects personal, cultural and/or community experiences and stories” of your students, of which this topic would not be. Also, keep in mind the Unit 1 Drama ensemble needs to portray both naturalistic and non-naturalistic performance styles. I wrote a more suitable topic on social media for Unit 1 Drama a few years a back. I’ll post that on The Drama Teacher today. See what you think!

      1. This is true, I was going to do a more naturalistic approach, but it might be a bit too heavy for them. I did Social Media with my class last year, so I’m looking for something a bit different. If you have any other ideas, it would be greatly appreciated – I’m the only Drama teacher at my school and have no one to bounce ideas off!

  2. Hi Carina. Glad you enjoy my posts. I have my Year 12 Drama class for 3 x 80-minute lessons per week (240 mins / 4 hrs total). If we look like we need extra time for a performance task, we simply run after school classes once a week, for example.

  3. Carina Oelofse says:

    Hi Justin, I just have a quick question for you. By the way, I do enjoy your posts very much. For how many hours a week do you have your seniors for Drama? I feel that the time I have just never seems enough for all the work we have to put in for the Cambridge Examinations.

  4. Miss Snedden says:

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this!