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  1. it should of been called dark humour not black humour. its just actually called that and it sounds better

  2. Joice love says:

    List and explain the forms of comedy

  3. So some guy told me that he’s good at scratch comedy. Does anyone know what that is?

    1. Marilyn Crosbie says:

      Are you sure he didn’t say sketch comedy?

    2. Marilyn Crosbie says:

      Carol Burnett is a good example of someone who specialized in sketch comedy on her Carol Burnett show.

  4. Jaqueline says:


    Do you know any contemporary comedies by british authors? Especially if they deal with “cringe comedy”

  5. Dear Mr. Cash,

    As a student studying Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest”, would it be alright to consider this play as both a Comedy of Manners and High Comedy?


    1. Hi Thomas. Yes, most definitely. High comedy is an umbrella term for types of comedies that consist of witty dialogue and sophisticated writing, appealing to a more educated audience. Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest is therefore an excellent example of this form. – Justin

  6. thnx Justin, vv helpful, keep up the good work buddy!!


    Tnx for these elaborated examples.

  8. Dear Justin,
    thank you so much for definitions
    I don’t get the differences between Satire, comedy of manners and farce. could you please elaborate more on their differences?

    1. Tina, sorry for the delay in my reply at this time of year. There were elements of both satire (send-up of individuals, stereotypes, organisations, etc.) and farce (improbable situations) in comedy of manners plays (ridiculing the daily customs of social class/es). However, individually all three forms of comedy are distinctly different. There are links to more detailed posts on The Drama Teacher on satire, farce, and comedy of manners in the above post that explain this in more detail. Hope this helps. – Justin

  9. Thank you for the definitions!

  10. This is a travesty. Fix format plz

    1. Formatting now fixed. A change in site design conflicted with the table I had the definitions in.

  11. Jessica Ivey says:

    awesome article thanks!