Improv Encyclopedia: The Ultimate Theatresports™ Resource


Over the years, I have blogged from time to time about Theatresports™ on The Drama Teacher. These improvisational warm ups and theatre games work brilliantly in the drama classroom to get students engaged in our subject and assist with all aspects of play making and character creation. Theatresports™ games help our students enjoy drama classes and before long can be used strategically as introductions to units or lessons in themselves on everything from trust and voice to movement and energy.

I am yet to find a website on Theatresports™ as rich as the Improv Encyclopedia. This fantastic resource has a handy improv glossary and a long, long list of Theatresports™ warm ups and games, either on their website one by one, or as a single downloadable pdf file for your own use in the classroom. Neatly divided into a number of categories, these games are also presented alphabetically. Personally, I download the pdf file, print it out, place them all in a folder and take the games into the drama classroom. These days a drama teacher could easily access the digital version of these games on an iPad or laptop in the classroom as an alternative.

But wait for it, the best part … the folks over at Improv Encyclopedia have put nearly 400 Theatresports™ games together! That’s one massive list and arguably the largest list of Theatresports™ games anywhere on the web, all clearly explained and all for free.

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