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4 years ago

Political Drama is one of the most effective arts of coming in contact with people. As Bangladesh is a product of liberation war, her drama segment is built on masters of this line.

5 years ago

Were he influenced by Stanislavski in any way?

Reply to  nabilah
4 years ago

Yes, I think so
despite what this text says,

It contrasted clearly with Stanislavski’s system, in which the actor first created a character from within (internal character creation).
– Meyerhold’s biomechanics instructed the actor to develop a character from without, first employing external movements.
In his later work Stan did work on building a character from without.

6 years ago

You may wish to add a film to your collection is a film we shot in Moscow to illustrate some of the biomechanic techniques by Meyerhold. They material was shot for the film “Meyerhold Theatre and the Russian Avant-garde” a 50 minute film bout he life and work of Meyerhold.

Mark Raymond Ruivivar
6 years ago

how about the Basic Concept of theatre, do you have any information about it? thanks.

8 years ago

Thnx for knowledge of meryhold techniques