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Student also
3 years ago

Thanks, i needed this in for an assignment. Very helpful

blessing mutongoreni
6 years ago

thank you drama teacher….you helped a lot

7 years ago

so helpful for my drama assignment thnx

8 years ago

Thnx The Drama Teacher new mood article for as an Actor,very useful for me,just understand element of Moods, lot of Thanks

8 years ago

This is fab- thanks so much!!

Maryanne Marron
8 years ago

Thanks for this very detailed information on mood. It is very helpful as are all your posts. I am interested in the Theatre of cruelty soundscape. Just recently I had my students doing some small performances over skype to Bayside College. It was lots of fun. I love my kids to watch other students work. Would they be interested in doing it over skype for my y11 Drama students? I have them from 11.00am -12 30 on Mon, 9-10.30 Wed and 2.30 -3.15 Thurs. I am at Brighton Secondary College.
Maryanne Marron