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  1. It would be great if we can share links to video clips and lesson materials. I will when I get the terms overview done

  2. Do you have any additional resources you can share in teaching this. I am doing it soon in term 2 and it is not my area.

  3. I have been searching for ideas as I am new to teaching this subject at middle school. Thanks for the ideas Justin.

  4. Rick Paul Poole says:

    This is great stuff as always, thank you! Any chance you might be planning a follow up on Tragedy (or at least different types of Dramatic presentation?)

    1. Can do, Rick! Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make it my next project. Stay tuned.

  5. Lara Stockdale says:

    Thanks, this is fantastic.
    I do a unit of slapstick with my year 8s as an introduction to drama. We start looking at mime and movement and my theory is to get them to think about how they use their bodies to communicate. I have been amused to see how many of them (now in year 9) still use some of the ‘fake fighting’ strategies we used in their performances.
    I have been thinking of introducing comedy to my year 9s in term four and thought I would even try to get them started with ideas around storytelling and build from this into their own stand up routines. Any thoughts?

    1. Lara, I think your idea of starting with storytelling and moving into stand-up comedy at Year 9 is a great idea! I have often thought of adding stand-up to the existing comedy course in this post, but have struggled to work out exactly how? You’ve got the answer! Storytelling > stand-up seems a logical approach as stand-up is often about the comedian’s personal life experiences. Seems to make sense with VCE Drama Unit 1 also, as solo and/or ensemble work in this unit should use “stimulus material that reflects personal, cultural and/or community experiences and stories” (VCAA, Drama Study Design 2014-2018). A stand-up solo in Unit 1 Drama – there’s a thought. Thanks for your ideas.