Performance Art Week at The Drama Teacher


This week marks the first time I have decided to “theme” a week of posts on The Drama Teacher. All posts in the coming week will relate to performance art.

Posts will include resources, documentaries and commentary about the art form, highlighting various practitioners. Information will be presented as text, images and video.

Attempting to theme a week of posts on a single topic is an experiment in itself, so any comments as to whether it works or not would be appreciated! Reader feedback will determine if I do this again in the future.


Justin Cash

2 Responses

  1. YUSUF UMAR says:

    This is a great discovery and it is exactly what I’ve been searching for in the area of my profession. And I have every confidence with what I saw you people you’re well equipped with all my need’s. Thank you very very much.

  2. Sarah Cornish says:

    Love the idea!

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